Luis Suarez Prepares Waiting Sanction from FIFA

In the match between Italy and Uruguay were held on Tuesday afternoon in Brazil (24/6) Luis Suarez depressing action on Giorgio Chiellini. Suarez bite shoulder Chiellini and this action did not get a penalty from referee who led the match.
This embarrassing incident that began with two players before Goldin commotion managed to create the goal against Italy. With this result, the Uruguayan managed to advance to the next round. However, many people who deplore the actions of Mexican referee Marco Rodriquez who did not see action Suarez.
With this incident then FIFA is conducting an investigation to give sanctions to Suarez. Previous players also never make the same mistake. FIFA giving Suarez never bite the opponent during the match against Ajax Amsterdam are named Eindhoven PSV midfielder. This error makes Suarez get a ban on the game seven times.
The punishment does not make Suarez improve them so make that mistake again for the second. This incident is currently managed Suarez bite defender Branislav Ivanovic as players of Chelsea. And finally Suarez be punished for not following the game as much as ten times. This punishment is not at all making Suarez changed so that the same mistake for the third time.